Rice + Butter + Cheese + Seaweed

Prep Time

5 minutes


2 people



Rice + Butter + Cheese + Seaweed

Cheese + Butter + Seaweed + Rice? Yes! It’s simple but gosh-so-good. A favorite gimMe team recipe, created in our home kitchen by our very own co-founder Annie and her daughter. This is comfort food you can feel good about: everyday ingredients combined in a fresh way plus a little extra umami for a delicious anytime meal.


  1. Make or heat up a bowl of rice.
  2. Add a slab of butter on top of the rice (let it melt)
  3. Drizzle on soy sauce or tamari, and mix
  4. Scoop a spoonful of rice onto a roasted seaweed square, add a cube of cheese, fold and enjoy!